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With over 200 years of combined experience in the foundation business, we provide engineering sound foundation repair advice to get your home or building back to its glory


We provide an honest assessment of your foundation and make recommendations that are proven to last forever



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Our network of foundation experts spans Missouri, Kansas and all over the Midwest

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What is On the Level Foundation Repair

On the Level Foundation Repair is a Foundation Repair Consulting Company that provides expert sound engineering foundation repair advice and then gets you connected with the right team of experts to fix any foundation issue out there.

What's in it for you

Peace of mind knowing you are working with the very best. Simply give us a call and we’ll come to you.  We will provide you a free, no-hassle, and honest expert assessment of your foundation issue then, we’ll recommend the best team from our pool of talented foundation repair experts that meets your unique needs to get the job done right. Once your assessment and treatment plan are outlined for you, one of our teams will get in touch to schedule the work. It’s really that easy!

Why On the Level Foundation Repair is Unique

On the Level Foundation Repair has access to a multitude of foundation repair experts that we work alongside with and share professional tips and tricks. We also stay updated on new technology and trends by meeting regularly as a group. And, as a bonus to you, we all share the same methodology of foundation repair excellence, so you can rest easy knowing you and your home are in good hands.

Our Ideal Client

Any homeowner that must face foundation repair work and their associated expenses are ideal clients. We understand this because we work every day with clients just like you. We work hard to honor any fear, frustration, or financial difficulty to create the very best sound engineering foundation repair plan to get your home back to its intended glory. We’ll answer your questions, ease your mind, and provide a streamlined excellent service from beginning to end.

What we offer

Simply put, we offer years of excellence in the foundation repair industry. Since we have teams across the Midwest, we understand the environment, the weather, the soil, and the many causes of foundation degradation. Our network of experts is well versed in everything from piering, mud-jacking, concrete & stone foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and any unique foundation situation that comes our way.

Our Service Areas

We like to think of ourselves as the I-70 Crew because we handle anything from east to west in Missouri, but you’ll often find us in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and anywhere in-between. We’ll travel anywhere to make sure you receive the very best in sound engineering foundation repair.

Our Network of Experts

With a combined experience of over 200 years and a solid track record of never having to do a job twice, our team of experts really are the very best in the foundation repair business.

Meet Our CEO

Jim King is our Foundation Repair Guru. He has several patents on piering systems and has a track record of excellence in the Kansas City Metro area. Born and raised in Kansas City, Jim’s premier family-owned King Piers LLC business has proven to be the “go-to” foundation repair company since 2010 and his customer reviews show his dedication and passion to making each job right the very first time. He’s an avid sports fan and most nights he can be found practicing his craft of karate to remain strong in mind, body, and soul. Jim is the proud father of two sons, one a Marine and the other who works closely with him on the King Piers business. Jim is a stand-up, honest, and reliable man who always sticks by his word.

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